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Introducing Golfops.com

I would like to thank the readers of my old blog – Driving Growth through Customer Satisfaction, which I’ve been posting for the past two years.

Today, I am introducing my new blog: Drive Revenues and Reduce Expenses through Better Golf Operations.

Since I last posted a message, I have been hard at work on multiple new initiatives that fit within the title of my new blog. As a result, in the future, I’ll be sharing insights and strategies that can help you be a better operator through NGF research. I will continue to share with you research and strategies to improve golfer satisfaction, but I will expand the scope of my blog to discuss other ways you can drive revenues and reduce expenses.

One way that you can drive revenues and reduce expenses is through knowledge of how peer properties are performing on key financial and operational benchmarks.

I look forward to sharing with you in the near future some best practices on how to define peer properties, what are the important metrics to benchmark on and how to put the data to use to improve your operations.

Thank you for your support of the NGF.


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